Shipping & Delivery

Standard Shipping

We offer FREE Worldwide shipping to ALL countries. Average orders are received within 14-21 days from the time a customer places an order. Custom orders or out of stock items may take longer to receive as the fulfillment process will be longer. 

Lead Times

Because we offer such a variety of wheels with thousands of possible wheel combinations we don't always have every possible option pre built and in stock. For this reason all orders are potentially subject to a 15-19 day lead time where we will build the combination that you've ordered just for you. If the wheels are in stock we will ship out directly after our 3-5 day processing time. 

Rush Orders

We understand how important it can be for a rider to have their new race wheels and carbon bikes before an event. For this reason, we recommend that clients purchase a minimum of 30 days before any major event they are planning to use their products in. We can ship express shipping rates for additional fee's but we are still unable to guarantee that you will receive your order before a specific date because there are many variables that are out of our control. 

Taxes and Duties

Don't worry about being nailed with big import taxes or duties. We are shipping and fulfillment experts and we have many years experience in this department. We ship all of our products at a very low value and it is most likely that you will be charged little or no taxes at all. 

If you are contacted by border services and they tell you that you have to pay x amount please do not pay or agree to pay without consulting with us first. We will be happy to contact the agency and handle this situation ourselves. 

However, if the package arrives at your door and you risk losing the shipment by denying the package we recommend that you pay the fee.